Well is time to officially get this blog up and going.  October has many special meanings to me.  My Mother’s birthday is today…RIH, its by birthday month 🙂 along with several of my family members.  But most importantly its Fall–Harvest time.  I’m not particularly a Fall kinda person….less sun light but this October is very different.  I’m launching this blog and singles ministry that God has placed in my heart.  God has soooo much more for me/us to do, YES EVEN IN OUR SINGLENESS.  When we allow HIM to heal, deliver, and complete us….LIFE IS SOOOO MUCH SWEETER.  I know the pain of living a single life and wishing and hoping for someone to love you.  I know the pain of not knowing your purpose….always feeling like there is more to life but not really knowing how and where to find it.  The pain of trying to make people complete you when only GOD can fulfill that role.

Well, my journey to wholeness started two years ago when I gave my life to God….BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!  There is an old song by James Cleveland called, GOD IS…He is my ALL AND ALL.  That song often comes to my mind because its powerful and true.  When you decide to live for the Lord, He fills all the empty spaces in your life, gives you true joy and shows you how to walk in His good and perfect plan for your life.  I’m so glad Jesus died for me and didn’t give up on me even when I wasn’t thinking about Him.

This ministry blog is dedicated to helping you find your true identity in Christ…you won’t regret a life with Him.  It doesn’t matter why you’re single, just know God has a purpose and plan for you now….not after you get a mate.  Seeking HIM for everything in life will GIVE YOU LIFE!!!

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